Create the team of your choice from qualified remote workers

Hire a fully-vetted remote team within 72 hours. 

The Assist You Need, Right When You Need It

You can trust Magic’s virtual assistants to simplify, streamline and organize your day-to-day work⁠—leaving you free to focus on the big picture.

Executive Assistance icon
Executive Assistance

  • Meeting and appointment scheduling
  • Travel planning
  • Note-taking
  • Reminders

Remote Admin Work icon
Remote Admin Work

  • Data entry
  • Email automation
  • Digital workspace coordination
  • Inbox management

Other Skills as Needed icon
Other Skills as Needed

  • Customer support
  • Creating reports
  • Personal tasks
  • and more!

Flexible Staffing icon
Flexible Staffing

  • Increase or reduce VA hours easily
  • Available outside standard office hours
  • Get additional VAs as needed
  • Billed weekly, no lock-ins

Customer Stories

Here’s how other business have scaled up with Magic Assistants.

Patrick Curley
[Magic] allows me to... develop better relationships, handle clients better, [and] create an overall better customer experience. The assistants are getting along with the rest of the company, they’re producing good results.
Andrew Scharf
I have found our virtual assistant to be a very quick learner and very eager to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. [...] In the future… every Fortune 500 company should consider [Magic] as a viable long-term solution in order to scale their business in a cost-effective manner.
Vin Alex Alessi
As a customer for years, I have used Magic on and off, but mostly on, for a wide variety of tasks. [...] I have found that responsiveness of my assistant to be consistent and within 24 hours. I have never had an information leak or security breach. The cost for the value I get is really marginal, as far as I am concerned. I would, and frequently do, recommend Magic to my friends and colleagues with similar needs.
Magic is fantastic. They've become a force multiplier for me... you know all those things where you have an idea you like but you're busy with other stuff? A quick message to Magic allows you to not lose that initiative.
Steven Lewis
I don’t think of Mark as an assistant, I think of him as more of a team member. […] Because he has the desire to do more, and he’s just been very gracious and humble in the way that he’s been a part of our team.

The Quickest Way to Your Next VA

Whether you need part-time or full-time help, one assistant or a remote team, Magic offers the simplest, quickest options for accessing talent online.

Your Needs First
We can find you any type of assistant you need to support and grow your business
Get an assistant in 72 hours
We’ll find you a candidate based on your specs in 72 hours.
Flexible & Scalable
Finding new assistants or adjusting their scheduled hours is quick and easy.
Rigorous Sourcing & Screening
All candidates are rigorously screened. We go through hundreds of candidates to find you the best match.